Outdoor Joins with TV Series to Launch New Print Magazine

With travelers staying closer to home and all of us seeking some more “unplugged” time, this is welcome news. According to Lyndsie Clark in Niche Publishers, Outdoor Magazine is collaborating with the indie travel TV series Places We Go to create a new print magazine.

“The magazine will focus on telling the stories of ‘human-powered’ experiences, with the aim of showcasing the products and experiences of regional tourism operators across print, video, TV and email channels,” Clark writes.

For Jen Adams, host and co-owner of Places We Go, the match makes a lot of sense and fulfills their dream of having a print product.

“Outdoor is so aligned with the Places We Go mantra that it was such a natural fit to collaborate on this project to help out the regions who have been our inspiration for so many years,” Adams said.

“Having a print extension is something we have dreamt about, and to develop a partnership with Outdoor which allows us to expand our large digital reach into an immersive, tactile experience that our audience can cherish,” Adams continued.

With their global audience of 300 million, Places We Go certainly has the potential to create interest in this new title. And for Adventure Group, Outdoor’s publisher, it’s a great fit also.

“The strategic fit for Outdoor and Places We Go is so well aligned and helps both businesses to leverage their core capability, the production of authentic, quality content,” said Rob Gallagher, CEO of Adventure Group’s parent company Emprise Group.

This development is even more interesting due to the fact that Outdoor magazine temporarily shut down during the pandemic, while they worked hard to understand what their readers and advertisers needed and wanted.

“We’re working with our readers to understand what they need,” Gallagher said at the time, “and working with our advertiser base to make sure that the lifecycle of the customer becomes simpler to navigate, particularly around how people can access and purchase their product in an environment where they might not be able to exhibit at a caravan show or boat expo.”

It looks like they’ve figured it out, and the first issue of “Outdoor by Places We Go” will be published in late November. I’m really looking forward to this innovative launch, and wish both partners massive success. Now go take a hike.