One Strategic Way to Boost 3 Important Brand KPIs 

Trust – it’s essential to brand growth. Marketers understand the role the trust has in building customer relations, which influences everything from lead generation to sales to referrals. Without trust, creative marketing might work for a while but won’t lead to the long-term audience of supportive followers that a brand really needs. Trust leads to more referrals, more top of mind recall, and more favorable brand discovery.

The critical element of trust is increasingly hard to get in this day and age. Consumer trust of basic institutions like government, news media and corporations is at historic lows.

Brands need to build trust – and it’s increasingly hard for a brand to build it. What’s the solution?

Here’s one thought:  “A study commissioned by Magazine Networks shows advertising campaigns which include print magazines in their media channels have a 22 per cent increase in brand trust,” explains Athina Mallis in ProPrint.

I wrote about the multiplier effect of print magazines last week, also based on the same study. Pairing print magazines with other media channels has measurable results, and not just on the trust factor. Adding print in combination with any other channel delivers measurably better uplift that any other two-channel combo. Print adds:

  • 22% uptick in trust,
  • 55% greater brand favorability, and
  • 29% higher purchase intent.

If you read my posts regularly you know I’m a huge fan of print magazines…not just because I personally love to read them (I do), or because I work in the field. I’m a strong advocate for print magazines – for both brands and advertisers – based on sound marketing reasons like the ones shown above.

The trust bump of printed magazines for brands is real, and print ads are unparalleled for keeping reader trust.