October Brings Good Harvest of New Magazine Titles

button-launchMr. Magazine and his Launch Monitor see the beauty in October’s crop of new magazines.

“October is the month when children get excited about Halloween, parents get to indulge in leftover candy and new magazines are abundant. Whether preparing for the upcoming Christmas season or simply doing what magazines do best, reflecting our society, October brought us some of the most engaging content and beautiful imagery since…well, since September,” writes Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni in his Launch Monitor report.

As Husni notes, the new titles were “were diverse and simply entertaining with topics and content that will provide the audience with many joyful hours of reading.”

The numbers are healthy – 62 new magazine titles, with 21 of them promising frequency. While the total number of launches over this time last year is down, there are more with promised frequency than last.

What’s really encouraging is the creativity and design quality of the covers. From a cake that looks so good you can smell it (bake from Scratch from Hoffman Media) to lipstick that looks so rich you want to pucker up (Amazing indie magazine), these covers are certainly designed with the newsstand in mind.

Special issues continue to be popular, featuring everything from the late John Lennon on a special edition Life to the iconic Yogi Berra edition of Sports Illustrated.

Cleary the public still has a good appetite for print magazines. It’s great to see publishers willing and able to serve them up.