Now Arriving: Amtrak’s New On-board Title Hits the Tracks

the-national-coverThe National spotlights the cultural and visual travel experiences on America’s Railroad. ®

It’s finally here!

Amtrak has unveiled the inaugural issue of The National, its shiny new onboard magazine.

“We are dedicated to enhancing our customers’ onboard experience, highlighting the unique elements that Amtrak offers and The National does just that – celebrating the country our customers see gliding past their train window and showcasing the personalities, culture and destinations along America’s Railroad®,” said Rob Friedman, Amtrak’s Vice President of Brand Management and Marketing.  “Together with Ink – who brings a wealth of knowledge – we believe we will be providing customers with engaging editorial to enjoy during their journey.”

Ink, by the way, is the London and New York-based publisher of 28 in-flight magazines, so they know a thing or two about travel readers.

“In our first issue you’ll find all kinds of stories — travel essays, reported pieces, fiction, poetry, and fine-art photography — and a range of voices from across the country. As you pass the hours, we hope you’ll find it an enjoyable read — and a compelling case to see America by train,” said executive editor Alex Hoyt in a statement when the magazine was announced in July of this year.

“The National is an inspired publication that celebrates American culture,” said Jordan Heller, editor-in-chief. “Railways are integral to shaping our national identity and America’s Railroad® is the perfect platform for a contemporary magazine.”

The new title replaces Arrive, the iconic magazine of the Northeast Corridor; the last issue of that title pulled out of the station this summer, although most of the staff has been taken on by the new publication.

With in-flight magazines soaring high, and the leisure travel niche getting a makeover, this sounds like a great way to engage their audience. The free magazine will be available throughout the Amtrak network in 46 states.