Nintendo Fans, this New Title is For You

We did not see this coming.

Nintendo-themed magazines haven’t been a big thing since the Official Nintendo Magazine stopped publishing back in 2014.

That’s about to change, writes Matt Gardner in Forbes.

“After successfully securing funding through Kickstarter within mere hours of going live–and currently pulling in over three times its initial asking price of £2,000 ($2,500) after 48 hours–Ninty Fresh aims to bring the glory days of games magazines back to a clearly captive audience,” Gardner writes.

“While it’s an unofficial title, Ninty Fresh couldn’t have come at a better time – in Britain, at least. Demand for the Switch, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown, has been so high that gamers are routinely paying well over $400 for a second-hand unit, even if the only fresh game of note is Animal Crossing: New Horizons–digital heroin, to its credit,” he continues.

(Can I just add … while that title is officially “unofficial,” it is solid. Gardner disagrees, but that’s a discussion for another day.)

Ninty Fresh looks to offer content for a broad audience of player fans, including some “some quality retro Nintendo coverage” that will capture the nostalgia fans as well as the more modern player.

To land your copy, check out their Kickstarter; they’ve blown away their initial goal several times over, showing that indeed the audience is out there and ready … yet another example of publishers trusting their audience to support print titles.

Time to get back to my Animal Crossing game… wonder what kind of custom rooms designs they are going to highlight in this initial launch issue…