New Indie Magazine Fare Gets Framed

I just had to share this info, because it’s so interesting on two levels. First off, the article comes from the Things We’ve Seen blog, which is put out by the folks behind Banton Frameworks in the UK. The idea behind the blog – sharing things they’ve seen, in all its wide-ranging glory – is a creative way to engage an audience in a completely on-topic and oddly compelling way. So, well done there, guys.

Secondly, this particular post resonates with us because it reviews the first edition of the new indie title Fare Magazine. The author notes that she (he? We really aren’t sure who from the company wrote this) finds herself reading more and more print as a diversion from digital copy, especially in magazine form. And she clearly enjoys it, as evidenced by her insightful review of Fare.

“Founded by Glasgow based editor, Ben Mervis, this new and exciting publication balances a narrow but insightful focus for singular destinations,” she writes. “Each edition thoroughly explores a different location, the first: Istanbul. Exploring the city’s culture through food, history and community, this inaugural copy of Fare engulfs the reader via written contributions from a list of selected artists, musicians, chefs, writers and historians.”

Really, it’s not surprising that the founders of this quality-crafted frame company, with its adherence to the tradition of excellence in UK manufacturing – would be fans of print. Their company is based on a return to local artistry, and retro media is having its own rebound as readers rebel against the thoroughly modern digital landscape.

Enjoy the read, and the beautiful imagery included, and then maybe pick yourself up a nice pair of new specs, crafted with care and an obvious commitment to quality. Just like the magazine.