New Dutch Print Magazine is a Truly Beautiful Thing

The publishers explain why a magazine for and about designers really has to be in print. 

A new print title, billing itself as “by, for and about design lovers,” has already garnered strong community support in the Netherlands and the larger community.

woth1“Woth Wonderful Things is a new lifestyle magazine focused on interiors and design, but one done in a more personal way,” explains Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni, “with strong visuals and content about people and objects that are so interesting they make you wonder about them and the innovative creativity they display that stirs imaginations.”

Husni interviewed the Dutch couple behind the project to get a better understanding of what their magazine is all about. And, as he usually does in these interviews, he asked “why print.”

“We decided to make a print magazine because we wanted it to be a beautiful thing and we thought about design and designers and the way they work, for them materials are very important,” replied Mary Hessing, founding editor. “We also thought about their skills and the stories behind their ideas for the product. We figured for the magazine, for the media in which we’re telling these stories, it’s the same. So, this is something that you want to hold in your hands, something that materializes.”

The personal connection is evident in every piece of the magazine, from the logo designed by a dear friend to the funders who came through for them on Indiegogo.

“What was really difficult was we started out with no money, with just this idea, so we asked a lot of people to help us,” Hessing explains. “We did the crowdfunding campaign, but even before that we had been asking people from our network if they would help us out with the content. And I received all positive responses, everyone was really supportive and really thought we should do the magazine.”

Like other indie titles feeling the crowdfunding love, Woth Wonderful Things has strong appeal to a tight niche, in this case the European design community. We love the idea, and the magazine looks just beautiful.

We wish Woth Wonderful Things much success.