Moving the Bar on the Metrics that Really Matter

Magnetic_LogoWhen it comes to influencing the KPIs that build brands, magazine media outperforms any other environment.

Brands looking to raise KPIs in their marketing efforts would be wise to partner with magazine media, according to a recent report from Magnetic.

“It’s clear that across environments, magazine media delivers against the metrics that truly matter to brands,” notes Sue Todd, CEO of Magnetic, one of the companies that sponsored the study.

Magazines achieve deep human connections with their audiences, leading to a more attentive consumer who is more open to commercial messaging and more inclined to trust what they discover there,” Todd continues. “In an age of adblocking and declining receptivity to advertising, this is a powerful environment for brands.”

The research aimed to gain insights into how different media platforms are able to drive brand perceptions and KPIs, according to the published report Metrics that Matter. Ultimately, this information can help brands understand how their different media assets influence things like relevance and perception of quality, important drivers for brands.

“Relevance and quality are hard to move but important for brand KPIs,” the report noted. “Magazine media channels are most able to move brand perceptions of relevancy,” it continued.

“Printed magazines present the stronger opportunity for brands to express relevancy,” the report notes, and magazine brands online deliver significantly stronger impact (41%) than other digital environments.

Fortunately, magazine media brands are getting better at understanding just how effective they are at raising critical KPIs for their advertisers, both in print and online. Knowing this, we can be more effective partners for those brands.