Media Buyers Keeping the Faith with Print

Another party heard from in the debate over marketing strategies.

While the last 10 years have seen a pilfering of print budgets in favor of digital, in their heart of hearts media buyers still understand print’s value. And now, they are speaking out.

As Steve Smith explains in Folio:, “advertisers and agencies do retain faith in print as a medium—and especially in the print media brands that have built sometimes generations of trust with their readers that go beyond the page.”

Folio: wanted to learn more, so they asked media buyers why they still believe in print.

“There are certain categories where print investment is still quite strong and delivering great programs and results for our clients,” replied Ginger Taylor White, EVP, Managing Director, Publishing Investment at Amplifi. “Specifically, CPG, food, pharma and auto brands continue to spend in print and are gaining positive ROIs.”

There’s also a lot of excitement among new titles, White explained, citing The Pioneer Woman and The Magnolia Journal as perfect cross-over experiences from non-print media.

“Magazines are still that lean back, tangible indulgence,” she says. “For some it is aspirational and for others, it is that time to take a deep dive into something they are passionate about. Regardless of what a magazine means to a reader, it’s time that a person takes for themselves.”

Diversification of channel is, of course, important, but print is increasingly being viewed as more than a “top of funnel” strategy, as White said.

“It isn’t about buying pages, but rather using the brand to speak to the consumer throughout the purchase funnel/behavioral journey,” says White, who notes the importance of editorial discipline and brand consistency, the basis of the trust bump.

“Publishers need to remember that they are still selling a brand that consumers trust,” White says. “They need to sell the value of aligning with their powerful brand and how they are able to engage with the consumer. Continue to look at the holistic brand and make sure you are talking to the consumers in a consistent editorial voice across all touchpoints.”

Publishers are getting better at articulating this truth, and agencies are realizing it and sharing that with their clients. Magazines are a fantastic way to reach your audience and engage them deeply and effectively.