Magazine Social Engagement: Three Good Charts

re_Social_Data_Dashboard_-_September_2014_2_Magazine readers are a social bunch, according to an article by Casey Welton in Folio:, who provides some great visuals to easily see what’s going on in the social circles and where readers are most likely to engage.

“Social engagements were healthy for magazine brands in September across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, especially when it came to epicurean, shelter/home and pop culture & celebrity interests. This, according to data compiled in sister publication min, using True Social Metrics, across more than 150 brands.”

The article includes charts titled Engagement by Interest; Engagement per Post; and Engagement by Readership.

“While food and shelter/home have the highest volume of shares, pop culture & celebrity drove the most conversations through replies. However, of the top 10 publications by engagement per post, Better Homes and Gardens led the pack in replies,” Welton continues.

The Top three publications, measured by engagement per post, might be surprising. National Geographic leads the pack, followed by Street Rodder and Taste of Home.

“Women have the highest rates of engagement in all KPIs across all brands by readership type. But brands like National Geographic and Rolling Stone both have a dual readership demographic placed first and sixth in the top 10, respectively. And Street Rodder, which has a large male readership, placed second overall.”

Reading the stats is one thing, but this kind of visual representation makes it really easy to see what’s going on. Great work, Folio:, for this useful info.