Magazine Media in a Nutshell … It’s Premium

“Magazine media equals premium content from premium brands for premium audiences – something that is of particular relevance in a world where quality and trust matters more than ever before and forms a bedrock for diversified business model.”

“This was one of the key messages at the MPA’s American Magazine Media Conference (AMMC), held in New York on 8 February,” notes this article in FIPP.

The article cites the MPA’s Linda Thomas Brooks as noting the world has come to realize that not all audiences, media voices and impressions are equal.

Indeed, quality and trust matter more now than ever, in this age of fake news and peak content.

Brooks notes that “with magazine media presenting carefully researched, well-written, and masterfully edited and curated content, publishers are in a strong position to voice their differentiation in the marketplace and capture opportunities available.”

Others in the industry agree, including Pam Wasserstein, CEO of New York Magazine. “[With magazines] it’s a different experience; it’s premium,” Wasserstein said at the conference. “Facebook is good at targeting, but it’s not necessarily a premium experience.”

Given the current state of the “news” that streams across our daily digital bread, it’s not hard to understand why 2017 is repeatedly being hailed as the Year of Magazine Media.

“For consumers who were pummeled with fake news throughout the election cycle, finding a brand that will provide reliable information is of increasing importance, and many are willing to pay for content that they can trust,” writes Ellen Harvey in Publishing Executive.

We see the shift happening in real time: The New York Times joins other magazine brands that are renewing their focus on subscriptions. This coincides with increasing mistrust of sponsored content and a growing importance of trust for readers.

For magazine media brands, it’s a monumental opportunity to be that trustworthy news source that readers are so keen to find. Focusing on the premium nature of the material, the reader and the experience is how to get there.

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