Magazine Ads Found Least Likely to Offend

facebookadAll ads are not created equal; some are disliked much more intensely than others.

Pity the poor pop-up ad. According to a new study from Hubspot and Adblock Plus, the online staple is clearly the “winner” when it comes to the least popular advertising forms.

“To some, a popular advertisement amounts to an oxymoron. However, not all ads are created equal and disliked to a similar extent,” notes this article in Fipp. The data from the survey clearly shows that pop-ups and mobile phone ads are in close competition for the top spot on the “least liked” list.

“The so-called pre-roll video ad, which can often be seen before YouTube videos, is relatively unpopular too,” the article continues.

So, given the sorry state of digital advertising and the rampant rise of ad blocking, what’s an advertiser to do? The data shows that magazine and print ads, followed closely by billboard ads, are the least likely to turn off viewers.

No wonder then, that some leading agency execs are saying pffft to digital ads as the pendulum swings back to print. Print ads still engage in ways that digital just can’t, proving time and again that print is well worth the investment.