Long Live Vinyl…In Print!

Today we celebrate two great ideas that go great together. No, we’re not talking about peanut butter cups (mmmm). We’re talking print and vinyl.

“Long live print and vinyl – that seems to be the mantra of a new British magazine that recently had its [premiere] issue,” writes Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni.

Long Live Vinyl is an absolutely gorgeous addition to the world of ink on paper. The magazine is featured in a spectacular 12-inch collectible size, bringing back those fond memories of albums and their great covers, and celebrating the vinyl format,” he continues.

The magazine, which according to Husni looks and feels “amazing,” is printed on quality heavyweight stock to bump up the tactile feel-good vibes.

The magazine comes from the publishers of Classic Pop, Country Music and Vintage Rock, and they certainly seem to know their space. According to Classic Pop Mag’s website, “The first issue has an incredible line up of features including a rundown of the top 40 most valuable vinyl, our in-depth collecting guide to David Bowie, and a feature on Stephen Shipperlee, a supreme Prince super-fan. Plus, you’ll find reviews of the latest vinyl music releases, a look at fantastical Prog artwork, and all the best turntables and accessories.”

The timing seems spot on. Not only is this a golden time for indie magazines, it’s also the right time to leverage the current nostalgia movement.

Brands have begun to grasp print’s luxurious future, and in particular the touchy-feely tendencies of Millennials and Gen Xers. Print and vinyl? In one gorgeous bundle? Heck yeah!