Life at the Treeline Gets Its Own Magazine in Strung

There’s a new magazine on the newsstands that definitely not for anyone who’s afraid of heights. 

Strung Magazine, published by the same folks who put out Tail Fly Fishing Magazine, shows its readers a look into “life at the treeline, and begs you to glance down from those lofty heights, throwing caution to the wind as you follow your outdoor passions,” writes Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni. “From hunting to fishing, rock climbing to snowboarding, Strung takes you on that ultimate adventure with beautiful photography and great storytelling.”

Husni recently spoke to editor-in-chief Tyler Justice Allen about what he believes makes the new magazine stand out in a crowded outdoor title space.

“For us, life at the treeline is living life right on the edge, right where things start to change,” Allen explains. “And up on a mountain, the treeline signifies the boundary between the safer, lower slopes and the more dangerous exposed areas in the Alpine area. So, it seemed fitting for our audience and with what we were doing.”

Their audience has the same kind of passion about outdoor adventure that they do. 

“And in the case of Strung, we ended up going after the people who may engage in fly fishing, responsible hunting, rock climbing, alpine climbing, paddle sports, be it rafting or kayaking, as well as having a strong focus on wildland stewardship and conservation,” Allen continues.

When your audience has this kind of passion about the topic, it’s almost irrelevant to ask “why print.” Magazines are a perfect medium for niche passions; witness the swing from mass market to niche, and the success that niche publishers are finding in print these days.

Still, Allen has an interesting take on the “why print” question.

“We decided to go with a print publication because we wanted to create something that would leave a lasting impression on the reader,” he explains. “We went with an oversized format, Strung is 9.5 x 12 inches, so it’s a full inch taller and wider than you’ll find most publications. And it’s printed on heavy grade, not finished paper. So, we wanted to create something that was almost akin to a coffee table book.”

It’s not just the size and heft that sets it apart from the market, though. As Allen explains, part of what makes them unique is the way they are tackling such a wide range of outdoor adventure sports. 

“Most magazines are covering one or two different sports, you have large fly-fishing publications that are focused exclusively on that sport; you have hunting publications; then you have publications similar to Outside Magazine, for example, that does look at a variety of outdoor sports and recreation, but they don’t bring a fly fishing or responsible hunting component into the fold,” he notes. “And that’s where you find us. We’re trying to bring all of these together and I haven’t seen another publication that is really trying to tackle all of them.”

If you’ve got an outdoor enthusiast on your shopping list, this might be just the thing. We wish them tons of success with their new title.