Industry Leaders Riff on the Future of Magazines

samir-actThis collection of quotes from magazine industry game changers paints a vivid picture of the powerful future of print.

Anyone who reads this blog frequently knows that Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni has strong opinions on print.

“As long as we have human beings, we will have print,” Husni is often quoted as saying, even as he acknowledges the plethora of digital devices we all live, work and play with.

“However, as an academic and a professor of journalism, I’d rather share with you what others from the field say about the future and the role of print in today’s media world and tomorrow’s; that way it isn’t just my word you’re hearing and reading,” he continues.

To that end, he’s compiled a fascinating collection of quotes from industry leaders and entrepreneurs on where they see print in the future.

“There’s an advantage with print in that it is wholly an intimate and static environment by which you can consume the content, so as your reading it’s quiet and it’s intimate,” said David Griffin, art director for Smithsonian Journeys.

“People want something beautiful in their hands; I see it over and over,” notes Meridith May, publisher of The Clever Root, The Tasting Panel, and The Somm Journal.

“In terms of revenue from luxury advertisers, we’ve seen growth in print,” says Dustin McNeal of GX Magazine.

We could go on; the point is that Mr. Magazine is not alone in his opinions that magazines are a vital medium in this digital age. The entire article is worth a read, and you just may find a quotable quote to whip out the next time someone tells you that print is out of favor. That’s just not so.