In the City of Angels, Print Flies

“The print side of our business is the driver, and it’s going to be the driver for a long time.” – Ron Epstein, LA Parent Magazine

Need more evidence that print is alive and well and even thriving in the magazine sector? Just listen to Ron Epstein, head of Epstein Custom Media, which publishes LA Parent Magazine.

“Print is a huge part of LA Parents’ visibility. In fact it’s the biggest part of LA Parent’s visibility,” Epstein says in this video from

“In any given month, we’re connecting with 200,000 parents throughout LA,” says Epstein. “Ninety-five percent of the way we reach them is through print.”

“Our website gets good traffic, and our e-newsletter reaches 10,000 parents each month. But none of those numbers are anywhere near how many we reach in print each month,” he continues.

Epstein is really excited about the reception for their new spin-off title, aimed at parents of special needs children, saying they ran out of print copies and have people coming in the office looking for it because they can’t find it around town. For Epstein, it’s further proof that his audience not only wants print, they prefer it over the same content they can find on line.

It’s not surprising to us; recent research shows that the pendulum is swinging back in favor of print, as more readers say they trust traditional media over digital content. For this market in particular it makes sense; as more of the original Millennial generation become parents, they prefer print for content that’s important to them.

Epstein is unequivocal about the bottom line of the print vs. digital debate: “The print side of our business is the driver for us, and it’s going to be the driver for a long time. If you ask me, print is not only alive and well; it’s thriving for the parents of Los Angeles.”