Husni on Why There’s No Place Like the Newsstand…

There’s no argument that we live in tumultuous times. Regardless of your political or social leanings, you’re likely to see something every day that either supports your argument or tries to tear it down. It can leave us feeling under constant attack and is causing a great many people to limit their time on social media.

For Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni, there is one place he finds respite amid the divisiveness.

“Some Yellow Brick Roads do exist and not just in the Land of Oz,” Husni writes in a recent post. “If you follow the trail of what’s going on in our world today, the great and powerful Oz awaits you at the end of a road called ‘Newsstand.’ And it’s there that you can find the stories that stimulate your brain; touch your heart; and more often than not; bolster your own courage as well.”

It’s not that there’s no politics at the newsstand; quite the opposite in fact. It’s here that that self-created echo chamber effect of social media is stripped away.

“As reflectors of the society that we live in, magazines do the same thing that they did yesterday and will continue to do tomorrow: they mirror our thoughts, emotions and the events that are happening in our lives,” Husni notes.

“For example, as we hear all of the political rhetoric; the pros and cons of our new presidential resident and his team; or the assaults on the media or the assaults on the president; magazines play their own role in all of this, by being reflectors of these unsettling and unrestful times that we live in.”

As Husni notes, at the newsstand you’ll find magazines that truly do reflect all sides of the current climate. It is, as he notes, a fantastic place to see what’s happening in our world today, without the fetters of our internal algorithms.

As Husni notes: “There’s no place like the newsstand; there’s no place like the newsstand.”