How to Put Out Better Content

[responsive]contenttimes[/responsive]Fact: Companies that blog get more web traffic, according to Brendon Schenecker in and piles of stats on the topic. The reasons why your company should be blogging are clear.

So what’s the key to creating blog content that really works for you? According to this article in Multiview, there are five steps you need to take to be sure your content is working for you.

The first focus should be on relevance. Are you saying anything that your customer is interested in?

“Using online keyword searches and trend comparing tools is a way for you to find new topics that are ideal for the type of content you want to share with your online visitors, readers, and subscribers,” the article notes.

It helps if you think like your customer, understanding their issues and concerns and what they need to know. Then you can create content that helps answer those questions.

Creating your own content – instead of using articles in whole from other sources, is also important. Look to add your own insights on trending topics, giving your opinions and ideas to help present the story in a new light. This sets you apart from the crowd and gives your company a more authoritative stance. While you want to reference current news, do more than just show it. Explain the implications and offer readers some action points.

We strive to do this in our own blog, keeping our customers apprised on current issues and news, while adding our own thoughts on what the news may mean to their business. By taking this approach, your blog can become a true destination for readers, who know that you will present credible news with some insights they may not find elsewhere.

Publishing relevant and fresh content on a daily basis is not easy; it takes commitment and it takes hard work. It’s a long-term game of growth, not a sprint, with results building over time as your audience – and your authority in your niche – builds.