Hi, Hey, Hello…  Let’s Go on an Adventure

What does women’s outdoor culture look like? That’s the question being asked by HiHeyHello, a new print journal magazine dedicated to celebrating a wide range of women and their outdoor passions.

“Flipping through its pages you quickly notice that it’s not trying to be a women’s version of Powder or Freehub, instead, it’s something different,” writes Katie Lozancich in Teton Gravity’s Culture blog.

The women featured in these pages — whether they are skiing, mountain biking, growing food  or organizing community activism — have one thing in common.

“It’s not just elite athletes, but business owners, farmers, artists, creative directors, or the everyday explorer,” Lozancich continues. “If that hasn’t enticed you already to snag a copy, the magazine is lovingly designed with an extreme level of detail and intentionality. The end result is a beautiful piece of design that begs to live on your coffee table, and feels wrong to recycle when you’re finished reading the whole thing.”

That’s music to the ears of editor-in-chief Sierra Domaille, who says she’s always loved print magazines. And she saw a definite lack in the outdoor adventure market.

“The historical role of playing the sidekick is past tense. Women are crushing it these days and having a hell of a time,” she told Lozancich. “I wanted a place to tell stories about rad women doing rad things. I couldn’t find a media outlet for these stories, so I created one.”

Domaille partnered with creative director Juhee Kim on HiHeyHello to create a magazine that reflects the way women are democratizing the outdoors and bringing new elements of adventure and creativity.

“I believe there are so many great stories out there that don’t have a home,” Domaille said. “I hope HiHeyHello feels inspirational and like something that you and your friends can be a part of. I also think there’s something slow, sacred, and intentional about print.

“In print, stories can breathe and there is nothing like rich photos on a page to make a story come to life,” she continues. “I feel print is the antithesis of a quick scroll, something that allows readers to push pause and engage. I see print as part of a moment of quietude or inspiration.”

The magazine is a celebration of adventure, activism, creativity and inclusiveness, and the team actively seeks to push their boundaries to represent a wide audience.

“I want all of that inspiration to be a showcase of beautiful, unapologetic, and adventurous women today,” Domaille concludes.

Issue 2 is now available; say Hi, Hey, Hello to this magazine, and join the celebration.