Hey Print, You Been Working Out?

samsung-wireless-phones-strong-small-23426Yes, the recent research on print is great, but let’s not forget why print is so darn powerful.

Lately, we’ve shared tons of stats and research on the power of print ads and their ability to bring in a big return on investment. It seems more and more people are hungry for this kind of data and welcome the return to some sanity in this digitally crazed world.

It’s easy, though, to get a little buried in the numbers. That’s why I was glad to read this press release from Journalism.co.uk titled “Why Print Advertising Is Still An Essential Marketing Tool.” It’s an excellent reminder of the important things to remember about print, sort of a Print Primer 101 and why it’s got such muscle in your marketing arsenal.

  1. Print helps you stand out from your competition, especially the ones who may be neglecting print in favor of digital pieces.
  2. Print is great at maximizing your exposure, with people saving, sharing and picking up print in the real world.
  3. Print has flexibility to fit into any multi-channel campaign and broaden the conversation, helping you reach new audiences.
  4. Print lends credibility to the brand and a legitimacy that digital can’t match.
  5. Print is powerful for improving your brand’s visibility and strengthening your identity.
  6. Print can take advantage of huge advances in data and printing technology to be highly relevant and welcome, which makes it more engaging and effective.

So yes, the numbers are significant, and so are the reasons behind the research. Print rocks.