Fresh Living Bumps Monthly Print Run to Half a Million 

freshlivingThe South African magazine plans more pages and a six-fold increase in circulation.

Go big or go home.

Apparently Pick n Pay got the memo. The South African supermarket chain’s Fresh Living magazine is poised to up their print run from the current 80,000 copies to 500,000  according to this article in Media Update.

“As part of the expansion, Fresh Living will now be available free to active Smart Shoppers every month on a first come, first served basis,” the article notes. “In addition, the magazine will increase from 100 to 140 pages, showcasing more food and entertaining, health and beauty, home, décor and gardening, family and kids, and other content relevant to Pick n Pay’s wide range of consumers.”

The strategy is based on the company’s research that shows “81% of readers buy products based on what they read in the magazine and a host of advertisers attesting to measurable results.” With the increased print run and distribution, the cost per thousand for advertisers will be exceptionally low.

It’s also testimony to the power of effective content marketing and brand journalism.

“Our readers love that moment when they can sit down, take their new magazine out of its cellophane and enjoy some me-time reading SA’s best and most down-to-earth food mag,” said Pick n Pay’s marketing director Adrian Naude.

“And that’s why we are doing this – so that so many more of our customers can enjoy that moment too.”

Just one more example of brand journalism continuing to raise the bar, giving traditional publishers a run for their money. We wish Pick n Pay much luck on this bold move!