Family Circle Gets a Facelift

family circle newThe iconic magazine offers up a fresh look and energetic feel for its 16 million readers.

Changes are in the wind for a hugely popular magazine.

“The September issue of Family Circle will have a new look and a more energetic feel about it, as the magazine celebrates a redesign that introduces a new logo, refreshed layouts, new fonts and bolder photography,” writes Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni.

Husni recently spoke to the magazine’s editor-in-chief Linda Fears, who spoke about the publication’s renewed focus on a younger generation of moms.

““The new Family Circle focuses on the needs of leading millennial moms who are raising Generation Z—women who are influencers inside the home and out,” Fears said to Husni.  “We’re always striving to cultivate their passions for everything from cooking, healthy living and home decorating, to style and community involvement—all while guiding them through the ups and downs of family life.”

As Husni notes, the magazine caters to an incredibly busy and active audience, and Fears notes “that Family Circle has the honored responsibility of trying to help them navigate their respective journeys in an easier way.”

Part of that is recognizing that for her readers, print remains a critical part of the content equation.

“With all of the websites that have come up in the past 10 years and all of the social media that’s cropped up in that time frame, good magazines have been able to hold their ground because they do offer curated content, which I think is really important,” Fears notes.

“And for our audience, they do like the tactile feel of a magazine. Not to say that they don’t read online content, of course they do,” she continues. “But when you have a magazine that’s very visual and has a lot of content that people want to keep and share with friends or family, it’s not easy to do that in a digital form.”

We wish them all the best with their redesign; it looks great so far and we’re looking forward to diving into the September issue!