Enjoy These 77 New Print Titles So Far this Year

Of the 77 new print magazines that launched in the first half of this year, Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni points out a couple of really creative titles.

“June 2019 gave us a new title that could fit into a cassette player, that is, if it wasn’t ink on paper,” Husni writes in his blog. “Day + Night is an intriguing look at the city of New York in the daytime on “Side A” and then flip the cassette-sized magazine over and on “Side B” you can visit New York at night. The minds of magazine makers are amazing! Welcome Day + Night!”

He also calls out RQ, a new title out of Philly that is “one part magazine, one part collaborative art project, and one part social experiment.”

“Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Heather Shayne Blakeslee says that this new magazine offers you insightful and provocative essays, profiles of local makers and artists, cultural criticism, fiction, poetry, and carefully-curated recommendations for getting the most out of life in Philadelphia—including a cocktail or dinner recipe here and there—all in a beautifully designed and printed magazine you can hold in your hands and settle down with on a Sunday afternoon, or argue over at Thursday night happy hour,” Husni writes.

Sounds like both titles are worth a read, as well as the 75 other titles on Husni’s list. The total number of launches is down from 2018, but Husni reminds us these things tend to go in cycles, so let’s not start making assumptions about industry health overall. What we are looking at is the way publishers are leveraging the physicality of printed magazines in their design and execution, getting so creative in print in ways you can’t on digital.

Enjoy the new titles, and browse through the entire list. Surely there’s something there for everyone.