Buying Magazines Makes Canadians Happier Shoppers

We’ve got some interesting data out of Canada on print magazines in the retail setting. According to a press release from Magazines Canada, in-store magazines displays make for better shopping trips.

“This is the first new data we’ve had in some time on how Canadians choose and pay for magazine content in the marketplace,” said Matthew Holmes, Magazines Canada’s CEO. “It tells us that magazines bring great value to the retail environment: from the impulse to buy something extra, to the conversion rate compared with other categories, to the shopper’s overall satisfaction with their trip. And consumers who read magazines also follow through on the advertising and products they encounter there as well—reaffirming magazines’ unique ability to inspire and satisfy consumers.”

The data comes from a BrandSpark survey that was commissioned by Magazines Canada. They surveyed 1,500 Canadian adults who read magazines at least once a month, or who had purchased one in the previous three months.

Of those magazine readers, some interesting trends emerged, according to the press release:

  • 50% of survey respondents read a magazine in print format at least once a week, while 28% read digital editions with the same frequency. Survey respondents are also frequent newspaper and book readers. Four in 10 watch movies at home at least once a week.
  • Readers buy magazines at a variety of locations: 56% at grocery stores, 44% at discount mass merchants, 41% at drug stores and 24% at bookstores. Other locations named by 31% of survey respondents are convenience stores, newsstands and gas stations.
  • Browsing at the newsstand is an in-person, tactile experience that’s not possible online. It’s an important route to discovery of new magazines and new interests. On average, survey respondents browsed magazines during 3.5 of their last 10 shopping trips, purchasing a magazine on 1.1 of these trips. Most commonly, buyers mentioned front covers as purchase motivations.
  • Retailers typically carry a relatively small selection of Canadian magazines, yet shoppers demonstrate a strong appetite for Canadian content. In many stores, Canadian magazines outsell their U.S.-based counterparts. In 2017, Canada 150 specials in particular were very popular.

Maybe the most interesting item in their results is this: “Survey respondents whose shopping trip included a magazine purchase report greater satisfaction with their shopping experience.”

That’s right; the simple act of browsing and selecting a new title makes the whole ship trip a better experience. I think that alone is enough of reason to linger a little bit longer at the newsstand next time you hit the shops.