Big News for Magazines; Now Eligible for Pulitzers

[responsive]pulitzer-medals[/responsive]The Pulitzer Prizes in journalism have long been coveted by reporters of American newspapers and news sites. And now, according to a press release from the organization, content from print and online magazines is now eligible for consideration.

“Pulitzer Prize administrator Mike Pride said the change reflects the reality that a growing number of print and digital magazines are reporting on current events under tighter deadline pressure,” writes Benjamin Mullin in Poynter.

This is a huge nod to the new landscape of news magazines in this country, and recognizes the importance of the magazine format to the journalistic process.

“Things are changing in the world of journalism, and the Pulitzers I think have tried, quite judiciously, to change with them,” Pride told Mullin. “And I think this is the latest iteration of that.”

In order to be qualified, the magazine must publish at least once a week and be “primarily dedicated to original news reporting and coverage of ongoing stories, and …adhere to the highest journalistic principles,” the article notes.

“Consistent with its historical focus on text-based journalism, the Board will continue to place emphasis on the enduring value of words and of serious reporting, while also recognizing the opportunity provided by the web for integration of text with audio and visual elements to strengthen story-telling and provide information and analysis,” notes the organization’s press release.

This is a moment of note for weekly news magazines and recognizes the changing nature of both news reporting and magazine publishing. We anxiously await the results!