Behind the Success of Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine

dr-oz“I have the utmost respect for our audience and I’m so excited that they’re engaging on the level that they are.” ~ Jill Herzig 

Dr. Oz needs barely any introduction when he appears in the media. As a favorite of Oprah’s, the cardiothoracic surgeon was introduced to a vast audience of people who wanted reliable health information they could use.

They found it in Dr. Oz, and it’s no surprise that his self-named magazine “Dr. Oz The Good Life” is finding great success in print.

Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni interviewed Jill Herzig, editor-in-chief, about the challenges and opportunities in running a celebrity-based brand.

“He’s a mission-driven guy and it seems as though he works 24 hours a day trying to educate the public about their health and that’s what inspires all parts of this brand,” Herzig explained to Husni, noting that it’s this mission that influences everything about the magazine.

Keeping this tight focus on the good doctor’s mission helps enormously on the editorial side.

“Honestly, the problem is that my mind is so crowded with ideas and my team brings a whole bucketful to every meeting. It’s about figuring out what’s the latest thing, yet it has to be based on completely solid science, and winding it down to the perfect match,” Herzig explained.

That focus is paying off in spades, with the print magazine finding huge success among a highly-motivated readership.

“We already have a very, very healthy newsstand base and subscriber base,” Herzig continued. “We’re over delivering on our audience, our advertisers, and we’ve broken into the Top 10 bestselling magazines on American newsstands. So, it’s clear that there’s a strong desire to see Dr. Oz’s brand represented in print. And that people like the version that we’re doing right now.”

Those people, she explains, are what make this level of success possible.

“I have the utmost respect for our audience and I’m so excited that they’re engaging on the level that they are,” she said.

The success of Dr. Oz The Good Life is further proof that publishers need to be clear on why they print what they do; it’s the way to find that audience that can’t help but engage.