Bauer and Bines Join Forces for Celebrity Fitness Magazine

Bauer Media is doing it again. The magazine media brand has built a reputation as a scrapper in the print magazine industry, relentlessly releasing lifestyle and celebrity-based titles that have large online audiences, and translating it beautifully to the print market.

Now, they’ve announced a new print magazine with fitness lifestyle influencer Ashy Bines.

“The print title, called Ashy Bines, will take readers behind the scenes on the influencer’s life and aims to empower women to be the ‘best version of themselves’,” writes Hannah Blackiston in Mumbrella. “At this stage, the magazine is a one-shot.”

Bauer, you may remember, made headlines last year when it fired a shot across the bow of the newsstand duopoloy when it announced it was seeking its own solutions to distribute magazines to the retail ecosystem. And they have proven media brands can still thrive in print magazines today. So we expect their launch of Ashy Bines to be another notch on their hit parade.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Ashy to bring to life the first Ashy Bines magazine,” said Bauer’s Sally Eagle. “Ashy empowers her loyal online community by sharing her health and wellbeing expertise and experiences navigating the ups and downs of being a woman, mother and businesswoman in a very relatable way.”

Not only does this print magazine leverage Bines’ existing audience, it also gives the Bines brand exposure in the existing print magazine fan base.

And yes, Bauer Media has no doubt that print magazines are still lucrative and appealing.

“The success of these custom magazines proves that readers are still hungry for authentic content and want to connect with successful women and brands in meaningful ways. We are proud to support well-known Australians in extending their platform to new environments where customers can purchase off the shelf. We know Australian women of all ages will love the Ashy Bines magazine,” said Eagle.

Clearly, there is more than one way to make money in print magazines in 2020, a sentiment that keeps echoing around the conference tables and industry blogs. As always, it comes down to knowing what content your audience wants, and delivering it in a big way.