Apple Watch Makes Its Media Debut… in Print 

[responsive]Vogue_China_Nov14_Cover[/responsive]The Apple Watch makes its inaugural media appearance next month, “gracing the cover of Vogue China,” according to Mark Bergen in Advertising Age, with a cover shot that makes the watch look like an absolute must-have.

“Vogue China is following in the Vogue tradition of moving with the times, giving our readers the first glimpse of a pioneering piece of technology that also doubles as a highly covetable fashion accessory,” Angelica Cheung, the magazine’s editorial director, said in a statement quoted by Ad Age.

Supermodel Liu Wen will be shown wearing the high-end 18-carat gold-cased version of the watch as the perfect accessory to her high fashion outfit.

“The styling of the Apple Watch on the cover of Vogue China’s November issue is an editorial decision, coming about in the same way the editor and team select and style pieces on all their covers,” the spokeswoman said in an email to Bergen.

The choice is a huge nod to the power of print to introduce new products to the marketplace. Landing the cover of Vogue, whether in the US or internationally, is a huge deal for any designer, and this coveted placement will likely do good things for Apple.

“China, in particular, has been an increasing priority for Apple. The nation’s slice of the company’s revenue expanded from 2%, in 2009, to 16% last quarter,” Bergen notes. Judging by the six million orders taken in the first six hours of iPhone 6 sales in that country that may be an understatement.

Meanwhile, using high fashion as a way to promote high tech makes perfect sense. The Apple Watch has never looked so good, and it’s great to see print being the chosen escort for the coming out party!