7 Brands with Awesome Print Mags


Around here, we like to say if you’re going to do something, do it right. Make it count. It seems fitting, then, that we share this nugget.

“If print is dying, brands haven’t gotten the message,” writes Dillon Baker in Contently. “Lately, they [brand magazines] seem to be popping up faster than startups pitching themselves as ‘the Uber of _____.’”

Baker presents a collection of some of the best, from United’s in-flight magazine Rhapsody (first class passengers only, please) to the stratospherically popular Red Bulletin from Red Bull, these magazines are doing it right.

“This trend isn’t isolated to any one industry. As you’ll see from our list below, everyone from big-name startups to iconic fashion brands to global airlines are launching ambitious print mags,” Baker notes.

And they are definitely getting it right in the content department, with features from hot list authors, interviews with a-list stars, and imagery that provides a visual feast.

They run the gamut from literary to cultural to high end to socially aware, and are helping to expand the story-telling ability of the brands behind them.

And yes, Baker notes, “in case you’re wondering, yes, Uber—the Uber of Ubers—does have a print magazine: Momentum, a trade magazine for its pseudo-employees, or ‘drivers,’ as the company likes to call them.”

While Baker apologetically declines to include Momentum on his “best of” list, we still give them big props for doing this thing. We hope it ages well.