3 Minutes of Apple’s Awesome Sauce

[responsive]apple_logo[/responsive]It’s the quintessential tech start-up dream: Humble beginnings to world domination. Fast Company provides a three-minute look at Apple’s transformation from garage band to rock stars.

Steves Jobs and Wozniak lived the original Silicon Valley creation myth when they built the first Apple computer–basically a funky circuit board encased in wood–at Jobs’s parent’s house in Cupertino in 1976,” notes the article by Fastco Studios. “In this week’s Brand Evolution, see how they went from geeky garage dwellers to creating the most successful tech company in the world.”

Some fun facts:

  • One of the original founders, Ron Wayne, sold his share of the company for $800 after only three months. No regrets, he says.
  • Their first machine, hand-made by Wozniak, sold for $666.66. Weird.
  • Ridley Scott directed their epic 1984 Superbowl ad. No aliens required.
  • Richard Dreyfuss was the voice over for their iconic “Think Different” campaign that marked the return of Jobs, and Apple’s imminent recovery.

It’s definitely worth a watch …make that an Apple watch.