10 Must-Dos to Get Your Magazine App Discovered 


“Everyone who creates a website or launches an app secretly believes the old Field of Dreams quote: ‘If you build it they will come.’ As the digital magazine industry has learned over the past four years, this is not the case,” writes Neil Morgan of MagVault.

As the co-founder of the digital magazine app search engine, he probably knows a thing or two about this. And while his article does pitch his own free service (as item #10), he offers some additional advice to try as well.

Morgan’s first piece of advice is to “take responsibility for your product.” (item #1) While some might look to Apple, Google and Amazon as “marketing partners,” Morgan suggests that’s the wrong approach.

“It is the publisher’s job to do all the marketing, so regard the appstore’s cut as a fee that a retailer would charge to have you on their shelves,” he says, noting that the marketing must begin well before the launch (item #2).

As part of this marketing, make sure your app is adequately optimized for search engines (item #3) and in the Appstore with ASO (#4).

Your digital magazine should also have at least one landing page (#5), and it doesn’t hurt to promote your digital version in your print titles (#6.)

Morgan goes on to talk about the importance of using videos (#7), testing (#8) and engaging in an organized way on social media (#9).

If your digital edition is lagging, these 10 ideas could help you make some inroads.