10 Magazines Every Book Lover Needs

Ramp up your reading game this year with these great titles all about the world of books.

For book lovers, keeping up on what’s new and what’s in the pipeline can become an obsession. Fortunately, there are several magazines out there aimed at feeding that passion.

As E. CE Miller writes in BDG Media, “the next best thing to reading a book is reading a magazine about books. Plus, the magazines on this list are a great way to make sure your TBR pile is up-to-date with all the newest titles and bestsellers, keep up with what’s fresh and exciting in the publishing industry, and discover some of your future favorite writers before their books have even hit store shelves yet. (And you’ll be one step ahead of all your bookish friends when it comes to knowing what’s coming out, when.)”

Some of the titles on the list are probably already familiar to you. Publisher’s Weekly, for instance, is an industry bible of sorts.

“The magazine covers major and mainstream authors, publishers, and the books they put out into the world, and features book reviews, summaries, and all the forthcoming books you’re not going to want to miss,” Miller notes.

Others are a bit more obscure. Like Glimmer Train, a quarterly literary magazine dedicated to the work of short fiction writers…many of whom go on to publish popular full-length novels. One of our favorites is Bookmarks, with the tag line “for everyone who hasn’t read everything.” The bi-monthly magazine is packed with 50 reviews per issue and offers insights into far-from-mainstream niches.

“Some of their latest themes include: Japanese postwar fiction, novels of exile and assimilation, literature of modern Cuba, prehistoric novels, fairy tales in modern fiction, literature of the new India, contemporary Irish fiction, Jane Austen, modern takes on classic novels, Chinese novels in translation, literature of World War I, unusual narrators, and depictions of the circus in fiction — aka: everything you could ever think of, and more,” Miller explains.

Poetry, creative non-fiction, art and politics, and of course, popular fiction – they are all represented on this list. If ever we needed more proof of the vitality and diversity of the publishing industry and the unabashed passion of its followers, this list should do it. Magazines about books…that is some delicious reading waiting to happen.