You’ve Got the Power… to Design with these Two Free Fonts

Some days you just need to feel the power; so this week we bring you two strong and powerful fonts to add to your tool belt.

First is Neothic, a strong serif all-cap font that features bold lines tempered with graceful serifs to keep it from overpowering. This is a great font to use in display type where readability is important. Download free from and speak your mind in your next design.

Next is Foerte from Austrian designers Natali Kalpakova and Ijob Brandstätter who proclaim “Bold is the new bold.” And bold this is, my friends. The super thick body lines are offset by gorgeous round edges to temper the impact. Use it where you need just the right accent to make an impression. Download free from Behance.

We hope these two take you into the weekend with some fresh ideas. Thanks for playing, and we’ll see you next week for another Free Font Friday.