Why the Long Face? It’s Free Font Friday!

Long faces aren’t always a bad thing … especially when they come in unique and clever typefaces.

First up, we present Longfont, designed by Hugo Erhard. This almost entirely sans serif font (a few of the letters and numbers have a nice little bend to them) features long and tall ascenders and descenders that make a nice elongated look. Try this in a logo, or on product packaging or headers. Download free from Dafont.

Next is Abraham, from Indonesia design house Sabcreative. It’s bolder than Longfont, with a similar elongated look in a thicker line. Aside from regular and italic, the family offers a nice rough stamp version that would look great on a t-shirt or poster. Download the free version for personal use, or buy the full commercial set, from Dafont.

As always, remember to thank the designers and font houses that make our Free Font Fridays possible. Keep smiling (long faces are great in fonts, but not so good on you) and we’ll be back next week, as always.