What Will You Do with Your 12 Days?

Vacation days are precious and few; these media titles will help you decide how to spend them.

Twelve days.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that the average amount of time a full-time employee in the United States can expect in paid time off, writes Andrew Conner in Gear Patrol.

For many of us, how we spend those precious days is heavily influenced by glossy travel magazines, the ultimate carry-on accessory.

“If you live in the US, good luck trying to check off all the destinations on our yearly adventure list,” Conner writes. “But to compensate for the bleak outlook of the US’s PTO, our media channels produce an endless stream of magazines, shows, films and podcasts to quench your thirst for travel and adventure. Whether a resource for your next journey or a source of vicarious globetrotting, here are 16 of our favorites.”

Conner starts the list with a recap of several gorgeous print travel mags including that perennial favorite, Condé Nast Traveler.

“Since it was founded in 1987, Condé Nast Traveler has won numerous National Magazine Awards and has solidified itself as one of the leading voices of luxury travel,” Conner notes. “Their yearly Reader’s Choice awards and various essays and guides have become a go-to for travelers around the globe.”

Another hot title is Boat, which takes a different tack from most travel titles.

“Rather than trying to cover as much ground as they can, the staff at Boat Magazine fixates on one city for each of their print editions. The team puts down stakes and works with locals to get honest, thoughtful and novel stories. Some of the issues so far have covered Detroit, Kyoto, Reykjavik and most recently Tel Aviv,” Conner explains.

Afar, Sidetracked (the cover shot on that one alone is enough to make us want to read it), and a reimagined Holiday are also on the list. We’re thrilled to see that last one back in print after a far-too-long (1977 – 2014) hiatus.

When it comes time to actually use those vacation days, or just add to your bucket list, you can’t beat the inspiration that comes from any of these print magazines. I think it’s time to book a flight…