What One Print Junky Says About Her Favorite Medium

[responsive]dreamingcmyklogo-01[/responsive]Tini Alexander is a print junkie. Her blog, Dreaming in CMYK, is a testimony to the deliciousness of the four-color printing process, and she has a self-professed obsession with the medium.

So, when she gives us her Top 5 Reasons to Use Print Marketing, it’s worthy of a share. First and foremost for Alexander, print appeals to the senses.

“In the oh, so incredible Sappi Standard Number 5, there are an array of special effects that leave any onlooker ‘ooo’ing and ‘ahh’ing,” she writes.

“With soft touch, they transformed the fibers of the paper into a sweet embossed leather coat. Oh, and with some super sticky rubber UV? Well, with that they made your skin crawl by bringing a 2D insect to life.”

She throws in the obligatory nod to the lack of power needed to peruse print, and then goes on to cite a study that showed that our brains consider print more “real” than digital. We love that one. And advertisers get it too, asking for print as part of their media buys.

The last two reasons are familiar to most marketers: Using print wisely and leveraging big data and technology we reach the right people at the right time with the right message in ways we could never have dreamed.

The enthusiasm spilling from Alexander’s writing is contagious. The love of print is not just a silly romance (although sure, that’s part of it) but a fact-based understanding of human nature and how we engage. That is what makes print rock.