What 1 out of 3 Brands Already Knows about Print in your Content Marketing

It’s like the hidden secret that out here in plain sight. Only one in three marketers (in both B2B and B2C) use print in their content marketing strategy, according to research from the Content Marketing Institute. But of those who do consider it one of their most important channels.

“While marketers flood new digital channels and explore the latest amplification strategies, a number of companies continue to invest in the ‘traditional’ media of print to reach their customers,” explains CMI’s Clare McDermott.

Image source: Content Marketing Institute

McDermott goes on to point out some of the brands that are absolutely crushing it with their printed content, including TD Ameritrade’s thinkMoney, and the stunning Four Seasons Magazine.

Another example is the print title from Lincoln Electric Co. Launched in 2015, ARC Magazine is arguably the world’s only “welding lifestyle magazine,” and it’s fantastic.

“Rather than dwell on fabrication techniques or materials – though it covers both – the magazine focuses on the people behind interesting projects and ideas,” says McDermott of the award-winning title.

“The fact that our team crafts each issue in-house, from cover to cover, makes this recognition even more special,” says Lincoln’s Craig Coffey. “It’s a testament to the talent and dedication of everyone at Lincoln that’s contributed to ARC since its inception.”

Many brands – especially those exclusively working in the realm of digital – may feel that print is irrelevant to their audience. Video marketing company Eyeview disagrees.

“CMO Jeff Fagel explains that the format allows room for studying complex topics in digital media, artificial intelligence, and video marketing,” McDermott notes. “And the company’s roster of contributors in the inaugural issue – among them journalists and well-regarded analysts – is just the sort of group that can pull off meaty reporting.”

Branded print is very much alive and thriving; we see example upon example of brands who are embracing print in their content marketing with stunning results.

If you’re among the 30% of brands that use print as part of your content marketing, congratulations. If you’re not, consider the channel as an unexplored and potentially highly rewarding option. Maybe next year we’ll see you on CMI’s list.