UK’s People of Print Proclaim the Life of Print

[responsive]PrintIsntDead[/responsive]We got tired of hearing that print is dead. And now, a few years on, we are getting a bit tired of saying that it’s not. So we are thrilled to see this stunning reminder of the creative and innovative power of print from around the world.

“If you thought the digital age had killed print journalism, you’re in for a colorful rebuttal, in the form of the new PRINT ISN’T DEAD magazine. Inside the pages of the quarterly publication, the most creative and innovative printed works of design from around the world spring to life,” notes Marnie Kunz in PSFK.

“The magazine, from UK-based website People of Print, includes articles about innovative printing as well as traditional print practices that demonstrate the very much alive world of print media,” Kunz explains. “The vibrant publication also includes features, artwork, current cultural trends and iconic print ads. In addition to the homage to all forms of print, the magazine includes a page dedicated to the ASPCA, featuring the infamous disabled cat, Lil’ Bub.”

“Magazine lovers, pop culture fans and designs geeks alike can all revel in the satisfaction of holding the thick, richly illustrated pages of PRINT ISN’T DEAD,” Kunz continues.

And word is that a book version is in the works with a launch date of next April. We’ll continue to bring you the news and facts that show print’s true power in the marketplace, and we’ll be getting our hands on this magazine and enjoying the read!