Two MacFabulous Free Fonts this Week

The last few years have given us a rash of new brush script fonts, perfect for vintage or artisanal design challenges. This week we give you two brush fonts on opposite ends of the spectrum, from tight precision to ragged free form.

First is Machineat script font, a sign brush style typeface with a mixed modern and vintage design that offers precise edges in a beautiful, elegant flow. It’s so elegant it makes an almost ironic impact in casual settings, like on a hoodie or a tee. Download from Behance and try it yourself.

Next is Macbeth, an unusual hand-drawn Open Type SVG font from Giemons. This bold, aggressive font with sharp serifs and rough edges brings incredible detail to the overall look. (Note: SVG fonts are compatible with Photoshop CC 2017 and Illustrator CC 2018 or better.). Download free from Behance.

Many thanks to all the font designers and sites that offer these great typefaces for us to play with. We appreciate them, and we appreciate you. Hope to see you back for our next Free Font Friday.