Free Artisanal Fonts? Dilly Dilly!

There’s no doubt that “handcrafted” is having a moment. The artisanal, made-by-hand concept is even being mocked by mass-market brands, so you know it’s a thing.

While big brands might publicly heckle the artisanal approach, consumers are increasingly self-selective about what and why they consume as they do. This helps explains the popularity of fonts that look and feel custom-crafted.

This week, we offer two free fonts for your artisanal arsenal. The first is Cast Iron by designer Jeremy Vessey, who’s tucked just off the Trans-Canadian Highway on Prince Edward Island. It features a condensed, all-caps typeface with an angular design perfect for logos and branding. Look to this one when creating bold typography with a solid, industrial feel. Download free from

Next, we have Melo by Stockholm-based art director Marcelo Melo. The handmade, all-caps typeface has multiple language support. It’s a good way to bring a casual, personalized feel to your design by utilizing this crafty, handwritten look. Less bold than Cast Iron, it still makes a strong showing thanks to its height and visual appeal. Find it at Free Goodies for Designers. It’s free, and there’s also a free-will donation button to thank the designer.

Let’s raise a glass of autumnal mead in thanks to designers like these who are embracing the hand-crafted movement. Or a Bud, if you prefer. Long live consumer choice.