Two Fantastic Calligraphy-style Fonts Free this Week

Maybe it’s the winter storm blanketing the East Coast, or the holiday decorations popping up all over town. Whatever it is, it’s making me grateful for the beauty of the season, and the simple pleasures of things of beauty. So in this vein, we offer you two gorgeous free fonts, both designed to add some beauty to your work.

First is Aishiteru Lover, a flowy script font from Abas Creative. With soft serifs and generous loops, this calligraphy-style font would be ideal for monograms, headers and packaging; I’d also use it on invites and formal events marketing materials. Download free from Dafont. 

Next is Home, another free script font, this one from Alfareaniy. Home is sharp and elegant, while still embracing a lovely loop throughout. It’s perfect for anything that needs to look like it was carefully hand-lettered and thoughtfully designed. Download free from Dafont.

Enjoy these two lovelies, and make something just for the art of it. And be sure to come back next week … we have a special holiday surprise in store for our next Free Font Friday!