Taking Print on the Road, America

print-industries-alliancePrint drives America. That’s the message of a new speaking campaign, and the numbers bear it out.

Need any convincing that print is a dominant and vital force in the advertising industry? Just ask Marty Maloney, presenter and driving force behind the “Print Drives America” road tour now underway.

Sponsored by the Printing Industries Alliance (PIA), the presentation “clearly positions and proves that Print is the dominant media,” according to this article in InkOnDaPaper.

“It’s time to set the record straight, the perception of Print is far below where it should be,” said Mahoney. “The advertising value of media is $300 billion each year in the U.S. and the portions that are Print total more than half at over $150 billion.  The next largest media is television at $70-75 billion.

“Print is not one of the old media or one of the new experimental, alternative medias. Print is the largest, most well established and most effective media of all. We need to be stating the fact that Print is Dominant at every opportunity we get,” Mahoney continued.

He’ll be getting those opportunities at events across the Northeast this spring, kicking off last month in Long Island City at a Citi Group meeting of upper-level execs.

According to the article, more presentations are on the books, and can be scheduled by printing companies, vendors and associations.

Maloney knows of what he speaks, with a 30+ year career in printing, marketing and media that now finds him as the EVP of PIA.

Print continues to be a major force in our economy and the advertising industry, driving customer engagement and influence as only print can.