So This is How to Get Their Attention

woman-reading-a-magazinePardon the hyperbole, but we are about to blow your mind with this little known and surprisingly simple fact.

People are paying more attention to print ads now than they did in 2008. Not only are they seeing the ads, more people report actually reading them too.

That’s right, people report seeing and reading print ads more now that they are inundated with digital all day long.

Why is that important?  Because it’s becoming increasingly obvious that print has been undervalued in recent years. In fact, Readex Research shows that one out of three readers “took or planned to take at least one action” after seeing an ad in a print magazine, according to this article in Magazine Canada.

That’s worth repeating: one in three readers report being motivated to act by the ads they see.

We’ve shared previous information about the Readex research study, all of which points to the fact that print’s ability to engage has only grown in the digital age. The takeaway is simple. Print advertising works, more now than ever.