Smart Ways to Boost Distributor Sales with Your Catalog

9.8 billion. 

That’s how many catalogs were mailed in the U.S. last year, according to figures from the U.S. Postal Service. 

“That’s impressive—but more impressive is the 23 percent increase in overall response rate, owing largely to better targeting and design,” according to a post in Promo Marketing. The post offers a free downloadable report, 7 Ways to Increase Sales with Your Catalog, and it’s worth a look, especially if your company publishes a catalog used by distributors and suppliers. 

The report offers some good insights on how to better use catalogs in your marketing today; just following their list of seven ideas will undoubtedly help you see better ROI on any catalog investment. The report offers advice on how to position your best products, how to work with the creative team to make the most of your branding opportunities, and even gives suggestions on adding multi-media elements to your catalog strategy.

“In addition to showing off your best-sellers and latest products, offer increased value by adding tips on how to sell them. Consider including case studies from previous orders, or feature your products in an article highlighting usage in a lifestyle setting,” the report notes. “you can also work with an augmented reality provider to incorporate video, which will enhance the experience of your catalog.”

Of course, it’s tempting to cut back on the volume when considering a catalog mailing. The report notes that this might be a bad idea, especially if you are trying to get your product line in front of new distributors.

“In 2017, supplier catalogs were the most popular source distributors used to find products, behind supplier websites and industry third search engines, based on bar data,” the report notes. 

As millennial marketers rediscover catalogs, the old stereotypes about “the digital generation” is falling quickly by the wayside. The report notes that “a recent study from Quad Graphics found that more than half of millennials ignore digital advertising, paying the most attention to direct mail and print advertising. 

“By buying into common misconceptions, you could miss out on potential big business by not staying in front of this up and coming audience in our market.”

The modern print catalog is better than ever, with more ability to target, personalize and tell your brand story. Download the Promo Marketing report and see if their suggestions can help you get even more ROI from your next catalog run.