Scale the ramparts … the free fonts are here!

It’s Friday, so let’s get a little melodramatic with this week’s free fonts. First, we bring you Throne, a font fit for a … well … a binge-worthy original series about some folks who wear tights and drink mead. Designed by Russian artist Anna Zakharachenko, Throne looks like the locals got creative with a nice brush and a jar of paint. With uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation and multilingual support, Throne brings an interesting old-world-meets-street-art vibe to your design. The family includes an ultra-textured and transparent SVG and a regular paintbrush version. Download free from

Next we bring you Banret Free Condensed Font, a font built on simple geometric shapes. Rather than bringing to mind old castles, Banret conjures an early 20th-century vibe. It’s perfect for branding elements, logos, slogans and posters. The simplicity lends itself well to graphic embellishment too. Download free from

Enjoy these two beauties, and remember to thank the designers and font sites that offer these goodies. And come back next Friday. Who knows what we’ll come up with next …