Print-Based News Outlets Rule on Facebook

HCMG_4c_horz_outlineWhy are print-based media outlets leading the pack on Facebook, instead of digital-born/digital-only sources?

With the continual decline in newspaper subscriptions, one would think that a print brand’s audience on social media channels would tank, as well. Not so, according to The Drum, a digital, global media outlet that earned “Best Media Outlet in the World” at PPA’s Independent Publisher Awards.

The Drum cites a consumer study conducted by Engagement Labs, which states, “Print-focused news outlets out-performed online exclusive sites on Facebook.”

The news outlet leading the Facebook pack? The Houston Chronicle.

“The Houston Chronicle was the best performer, beating the New York Daily News. In third was digital title Business Insider, followed by the Guardian and USA Today,” writes John McCarthy.

The study reasoned that “articles on Facebook have a longer shelf-life with the trending news section and popular news items staying at the top of users’ news feeds,” more suitable for the lengthier reads found in print, McCarthy notes.

As I’m writing this blog post, 92,808 people on Facebook are talking about The Houston Chronicle, and its main Facebook page boasts “likes” from 276,106 users. Seems that consumers still value the longevity potential of print journalism even on a digital platform. Intriguing stuff.