Postal Service Statement on Postal Regulatory Commission Ruling

Yesterday’s ruling by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) approving the proposed prices and classifications for Standard Mail, Periodicals, and Package Services enables the Postal Service to move forward with a new pricing strategy to capitalize on strong mail and package growth.

The new pricing and classification changes for all market-dominant mail classes and competitive products take effect on May 31, 2015. Additionally, the Postal Service is able to move forward with the remaining calendar year 2015 Promotions: Color Transpromo, Emerging and Advanced Technology, and Mail Drives Mobile Engagement.

More information on the new 2015 pricing and the PRC’s ruling is available at

We are still waiting for the rate charts to be published. Average rates are slated to increase around 1.96% across all classes. Once those charts are published we’ll be able to calculate the increase for each class.

Press Release – R2015-4 FINAL.pdf