PIA Launches “Print Powers America” Initiative, Something We Can All Get Behind

The membership association announces its new initiatives to support our industry in three key ways.

From tariffs to safety legislation, from consumer education to environmental stewardship, the PIA has just announced a new set of initiatives to support the printing, publishing and packaging industry.

At a recent Print Industries of America President’s Conference, CEO Michael Makin announced the launch of “Print Powers America,” a multi-faceted initiative that combines lobbying, grassroots action and public affairs.  These initiatives are all aimed at protecting and promoting the publishing, printing and packaging industry in the United States.

The PIA will be doing this through three distinct approaches:

  1. By talking about the enormous importance of the industry in relation to the American economy;
  2. By highlighting print’s relevance and impact to the consumer in our multi-channel digital age; and
  3. By recognizing the work the industry continues to do to support strong environmental stewardship.

This is all great stuff. In an industry that has certainly seen its share of disruption in the past decade, this kind of advocacy is important and exciting. Many of us have been working with our clients and partners to help them understand print’s compelling value in the multi-channel world; to help spread the word about print’s role in the environment; generally help prevent lazy thinking about print. This kind of support from PIA is definitely welcome.

(Personal note: this might be a good time to consider supporting the PIA with a membership. The work they are doing to help the industry will help us all.)