Opportunity Huge in Digital Print Arena

As marketers seek unique ways to stand out, the use of new printing technology seems poised for big growth. We see it every day.

In the early days of this year, we reported on advertisers asking “where’s the print?” And according to recent InfoTrends research, advertisers aren’t the only ones interested in seeing brands bump up their marketing in print.

The folks at InfoTrends are finding that both printed catalogs and direct mail are increasingly important to brands in reaching their target markets, regardless of age and other factors.

“One finding from this study is that there is a resurgence in the use of print catalogs. They continue to be used by marketers to target many different consumer demographics,” notes this press release on Benzinga.

“Moreover, findings clearly show that Millennials in the U.S. and younger generations in Western Europe engage with and enjoy print catalogs. There is no dramatic differences when comparing age groups or in terms of income, gender, or parents/non-parents,” the release continues.

“Catalogs are effective at triggering online and retail purchases” says Barb Pellow, Group Director of InfoTrends’ Consulting Group. “62% of consumers receiving catalogs who made a purchase within the last 3 months were influenced by the catalog.”

The report also notes a trend that would have been impossible without the technical advances in the printing industry of late.

“Catalogs are not just for big brands; SMBs are using them too. Also, the market is shifting  away from the big book, general catalogs to smaller titles targeted at niche segments,” notes the release.

The key to this is the proper technology, integrating customer and prospect data with the production floor to get the right messaging in the right hands. Successful marketing in the multi-channel-verse lies at the intersection where technology meets creativity. It’s a great place to be for a brand, and we see it every day in our work.

Direct mail and catalogs have a new way to connect, and it’s time to find out what it can do for your business.