Monocle Introduces the Cure to the Empty Start-Up Culture

[responsive]monocle mag[/responsive]“Today there are numerous people who launch their own companies in full knowledge they could have a bigger salary in the corporate world,” says Andrew Tuck, cofounder of high-end luxury magazine Monocle. “But they choose to run a vineyard, a coffee shop, or a magazine because they want to make something they believe in.”

Tuck and his team have published an impressive book called “The Monocle Guide to Good Business,” expressly for these types of entrepreneurs, according to an article in Fast Company.

The book describes the kind of growth necessary to succeed in today’s climate as “slower-growing, more painstaking, less giddily affluent.”

The authors advocate for a controlled growth, rooted in the needs of the community you serve. Full of case studies and stories, it looks like a fantastic read for anyone with a great idea and the desire to turn it into something real and tangible in the business world.

Monocle knows of what they speak, too. A recent $10 million investment plus a million dollar October in ad sales point to their success. It’s not about getting rich quick, but about finding something for which you have passion and tapping into the tribe that feels the same way.

Everyone who has ever dreamed of being their own boss, or anyone who has a stake in the company for which they work, probably needs to read this.